31 October, 2021

What's A Personal Trainer?

Image by Greg Buford
... I guess we can start here.

There's a ton of potential definitions, but I think the best one is, a person who guides and encourages other individuals to make the healthiest decisions for themselves, whether it be the best exercise, food, or lifestyle choice.


When most people come across a personal trainer, they have usually come to terms with having to move differently, but thinking differently can sometimes come with apprehension as well, due to practice, various influence sources, or stubborness.

With that being said, you now understand the obstacle of physicality, which is usually the more obvious obstacle, coupled with that of mentality.

It is always in the client's best interest for your trainer to know about your fitness history, good and bad, as well as, physical limitations. It's not fair to assume your trainer can provide the most adequate plan and feedback without having some key information. It's pretty safe to say that without client transperancy and a trainer's willingness to listen, your client-trainer relationship is doomed to fail.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

So when you come back to the question of, "What's a Personal Trainer?", they are everything, as well as, nothing if not provided an open mind and insight. With that being said, your Personal Trainer is not a replacement for a physical therapist, dietician, or other specialist, but that also means you need to be prepared to answer these question:

  • Do you want feedback on your diet?
  • Do you want an accountability coach*?
  • Do you hate certain exercises? If so, why?
  • Are your goals realistic and tangible?
  • Are you unwilling to change certain habits?

These are questions clients should ask themselves & share with their trainer, so you can ensure that you are getting the best tailored experience and guidance for helping you achieve your goals! Any one of these answers can be a difference maker for you continuing your program and achieiving your goals.


*will probably make another post about this alone